Dating your Vintage Tablecloth Collection

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Tablecloth design, like any other fashion art form, reflected existing tastes and styles of the period. We can use the records of these fashions and moods to generally determine dates. Although in some cases the tablecloths can be assigned to a general decade, as I have done in my book, or even to a specific group of years, the lack of manufacturing records or other cataloguing of these delightful keepsakes makes assigning any one date extremely difficult. For my book, I researched the history of the dyes, copyright & trademark records and poured over vintage catalogs to come up the a “quick reference summary” to help you date your tablecloths. .

Quick Reference Summary

Victorian: 1840 – 1899

        • Turkey Red
          Dark crimsons, maroons, browns, gold colors
          Felted table covers
          Rich tapestries
          Home spun textiles (uneven weaves, fringes)
          Wavy undulating stripes, “snake like designs”
          Delicate hand worked, drawn work, bobbin…

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