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Once upon a time…there was a great dramatic actress by the name of Alla Nazimova. She took Broadway by storm in the 1910s, earning a well-deserved reputation as being one of the great interpreters of Ibsen. Inevitably, Hollywood called, waving a huge contract at her–reputedly worth $13,000 a week–luring her westward. Madame Nazimova heeded the call, and at first she was very successful. But in time she saw the real money was to be made in producing movies, so she set up her own production company. However she found that producing a financially successful movie was harder than it looked. She made two high profile movies — Camille (1921) and Salome (1923) — but they both flopped so badly, Nazimova was all washed up in the movies and she returned to the stage.

Once upon another, much later time…I came across Alla Nazimova when I started doing research…

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My Side Of OUR Story

I absolutely adore this family!


I’ve never written a blog, but thousands of people for some odd reason follow me on the Internet, so that leaves me wondering whether I should introduce myself, or pick up where I left off on facebook. When in doubt, I usually ask myself, “what would Karl Childers do”. So in his words, “I reckon I’ll, start up from the front & tell it to yee”.

I was born and raised in the Swannanoa Valley of Black Mountain, North Carolina.. A small town just 10  minutes east of Asheville. I’m an only clild, because my dad said I was birth control, and my mom always called me a “little shit”… so that’s basically the only explanation as to why I never had any siblings.
Me holding switch for being a shithead
               In approximately 1984.


Here I am again during the most awkward stage of my life, and also in the…

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